Research Studies

מיין לפי

Denunciation and Rescue

Dutch Society and the Holocaust


Pinchas Bar-Efrat

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Displaced Persons at Home

Refugees in the Fabric of Jewish Life in Warsaw, September 1939 – July 1942


Lea Prais

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Dividing Hearts

The Removal of Jewish Children from Gentile Families in Poland in the Immediate Post Holocaust Years


Emunah Nachmany Gafny

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Emanuel Ringelblum

The Man and the Historian


Edited by Israel Gutman

NIS 98.00 NIS 73.50

Europe in the Eyes of Survivors of the Holocaust

Editors: Zeev Mankowitz, David Weinberg, Sharon Kangisser Cohen

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Expulsion and Extermination

Holocaust Testimonials from Provincial Lithuania


David Bankier

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50