Research Studies

מיין לפי

Fighting for Her People

Zivia Lubetkin, 1914–1978


Bella Gutterman

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Gates of Tears

The Holocaust in the Lublin District


David Silberklang

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Hiding, Sheltering and Borrowing Identities

Avenues of Rescue During the Holocaust


Edited by Dan Michman

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Hitler’s Volksgemeinschaft and the Dynamics of Racial Exclusion

Violence against Jews in Provincial Germany, 1919-1939


Michael Wildt

NIS 298.00 NIS 223.50

Holocaust and Antisemitism

Research and Public Discourse: Essays Presented in Honor of Dina Porat


Editors: Roni Stauber, Aviva Halamish, Esther Webman

NIS 98.00 NIS 73.50

Holocaust and Justice

Representation and Historiography of the Holocaust in Post-War Trials


Editors: David Bankier and Dan Michman

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50