Research Studies

מיין לפי

Holocaust Historiography in Context

Emergence, Challenges, Polemics and Achievements


Edited by David Bankier and Dan Michman

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

I Have been a Stranger in a Strange Land

The Hungarian State and Jewish Refugees in Hungary, 1933-1945


Kinga Frojimovics

NIS 98.00 NIS 73.50

In The Shadow of the Red Banner

Soviet Jews In the War Against Nazi Germany


Yitzhak Arad

NIS 148.00 NIS 111.00

It Kept Us Alive

Humor in the Holocaust


Chaya Ostrower

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50

Jewish Presence in Absence

The Aftermath of the Holocaust in Poland, 1944–2010


Editors: Feliks Tych and Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska

NIS 238.00 NIS 178.50

Nazi Europe and the Final Solution



Edited by David Bankier and Israel Gutman

NIS 178.00 NIS 133.50