Whoever Saves a Single Life..

Ages 15+ Language: English



NIS 158.00

The unit "Whoever Saves a Single Life – The Story of an Albanian Family Rescuing Jews "highlights the story of two families who met in Albania: the Mandil family, who had escaped Nazi-occupied Belgrade and had arrived in Albania; and the Veseli family, Muslims, who sheltered the Mandils and another Jewish family at their home in Krujë, Albania. In addition to the story about rescue, the unit focuses also on recognizing the rescuers after the war, and on the development of a deep friendship between these two families, who have stayed connected to this day. The unit is tailored for students aged 14 and up, and due to an interactive, multi-perspective, and student-oriented method, addresses especially multi-ethnic groups and students who feel - for different kind of reasons – alienated towards the study of the Holocaust. The set includes four sets of color-coded cards, students assignments for group work, a timeline, a teacher's manual, and a CD, including all of the materials ready for print.


מפרט המוצר
ISBN 978-965-525-083-1