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Yad Vashem Desk Calendar 2018-19: Marking Jewish Time during the Holocaust Throughout the ages, Jewish individuals and communities strove to mark the Jewish holidays and festivals that are part of the Hebrew calendar, even under the most perilous of circumstances. This was true also during the Holocaust, when, despite the harsh and often untenable living conditions, many Jews struggled to continue the practice of Jewish traditions. They marked Jewish life cycle events, they attempted to observe the holidays, they wrote their own prayer books, and they even created hand-drawn Jewish calendars from memory, while incarcerated in the camps, in hiding or from within the ghettos. Religious items from the Holocaust period – Torah scrolls, Chanukah menorahs, prayer books and calendars – are symbolic of the quest for Jewish continuity and the desire to maintain observances prior to and during the war years, as well the eternal hope for a brighter, more promising future. This year's calendar offers a selection of items from Yad Vashem's collections, highlighting efforts to mark Jewish time during the Holocaust era and the struggle to continue life in the shadow of death. The Yad Vashem 2018-19 desk calendar was produced with the generous support of Galia and Axel Stawski and their daughters in memory of all the victims of the Shoah.


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