Beyond the Seen

Ages 15+ Language: English


Educational Kit


“Beyond the Seen” - a brand new multimedia educational tool of the International School for Holocaust studies, suitable for students aged 15 and up. "Beyond the Seen" is designed to enable educators to present the Holocaust from several points of view through a sequence of historical events, places, figures and concepts. It uses detailed posters which have all been created in line with Yad Vashem's pedagogical philosophy- covering Jewish life before the Holocaust, as well as events during and after the Holocaust, and above all, question how the events of the Shoah were humanly possible for perpetrators, neighbors and the local populations in general. The photographs, artworks and texts on the posters teach about the Holocaust’s central junctures. The kit serves as an educational springboard for discussions on the significance of the historical events of the Holocaust today and their impact on Jewish and personal identity.

"Beyond The Seen" contains posters, a workbook, and a CD, and is available in English, Hebrew, Spanish and French

מפרט המוצר
ISBN 978-965-525-075-6