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מיין לפי
הצג בעמוד

"Let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them”: The Yad Vashem Synagogue

Curator: Haviva Peled-Carmeli, Deputy Curators: Michael Tal, Sara Shor


The Yad Vashem Synagogue catalogue - The artifacts displayed in the Yad Vashem Synagogue are a few of the thousands of items preserved in Yad Vashem's collections that tell the story of the Jewish people – a panoramic mosaic of memories depicting the fate of individuals, families and communities during the Holocaust.  The artifacts in our collections tell stories interwoven with flashes of fear, despair and loss, but also moments of determination, pity, hope, courage and love.  These stories evoke empathy with the fate of the victims, and place the Jewish individual at the heart of the narrative that unfolds in the Holocaust History Museum.  The significance of these artifacts is hoin ned by their integration the vast, complex fabric that shapes collective memory from countless fragments of personal recollection.  The display area and the space currently used as the Synagogue combine to depict the lost Jewish life in the face of its continuity today.  These artifacts bear mute testimony to the history and legacy of individuals and communities during the Holocaust that we seek to commemorate and to impart to future generations.

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“And God Saw that it was Bad…”



Otto Weiss | Editor: Ruth Bondy