Holocaust and Justice: Representation and Historiography of the Holocaust in Post-War Trials

Editors: David Bankier and Dan Michman


The historical significance of the Nuremberg Trials is widely acknowledged, and it is equally agreed by most people today that the murder of European Jewry was the greatest crime committed by the Third Reich. So why wasn’t it a central issue in any of the thirteen trials conducted by the International Military Tribunal in Germany between 1945 and 1949? This book addresses this and related questions discussing the place of the Holocaust and its coverage by the media in the post war trials of Nazi criminals conducted in various European countries. Selected articles: The Didactic Trial: Filtering History and Memory into the Courtroom (Lawrence Douglas); Coverage of the Bergen-Belsen Trial and the Auschwitz Trial in the NWDR/NDR: The Reports of Axel Eggebrecht (Inge Marszolek); Hitler’s Unwilling Executioners? The Representation of the Holocaust through the Bielefeld Białystok Trial of 1965–1967 (Katrin Stoll).


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