The Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project

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A Physician Inside the Warsaw Ghetto, 1939-1943



Mordechai Lensky | Foreword by Samuel Kassow

NIS 78.00

By the Grace of Strangers: Two Boys’ Rescue During the Holocaust

Gabriel Mermall; Norbert Yasharoff | Foreword by David Silberklang

NIS 78.00

Days of Rain

Enzo Tayar

NIS 78.00

Escaping Hell in Treblinka

Israel Cymlich; Oskar Strawczynski | Foreword by David Silberklang

NIS 78.00

Fighting for Survival



E. H. (Dan) Kampelmacher | Foreword by Dan Michman

NIS 78.00

Flora, I Was But a Child

Flora M. Singer | Foreword by Martin Gilbert

NIS 78.00