New on the Shelf

After the Darkness?

Holocaust Survivors’ Emotional, Psychological, and Social Journeys in the Early Postwar Period

Editors: Constance Pâris de Bollardière and Sharon Kangisser Cohen

NIS 169.00

Entanglements of War: Social Networks during the Holocaust

Edited by: Eliyana R. Adler and Natalia Aleksiun

NIS 182.00

Diary From Hell in Transnistria 1942–1944

Lipman Kunstadt | Edited by Sarah Rosen and Dalia Ofer

NIS 143.00

Yad Vashem Studies: Volume 51 [1]

Edited by Sharon Kangisser Cohen

NIS 78.00

Jewish Solidarity: The Ideal and the Reality in the Turmoil of the Shoah

Edited by Dan Michman and Robert Rozett

NIS 182.00

זיכרון ומשפט: שופטי בית המשפט העליון כותבים על השואה

עורכים: איתמר לוין, אליקים רובינשטיין, רוני שטאובר

NIS 117.00

יד ושם - קובץ מחקרים: כרך נ"א [1]

עורכת: ד"ר שרון קנגיסר כהן

NIS 78.00

Yad Vashem Calendar 2023-2024

This year's calendar is based on an upcoming exhibition, to be displayed in the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) during 2025. All artworks are from Yad Vashem Art Collection and have been created in ghettos and in camps, in forests and in hiding, by men, women and children persecuted by the German Nazis.

The artwork shed light on the experiences of the artist and their subjects during the harshest of circumstances, while providing a window into their thoughts and feelings. 

NIS 42.00

The Fragile Fabric of Survival: A Boy’s Account of Auschwitz

Tomáš Radil, Academic Editor: Bella Guterman

NIS 91.00

כתבי עת בתחום מדעי היהדות בגרמניה ופעילותם בשנים 1933–1939

קרסטין פון דר קרוֹנֶה

סדרת העיתונות היהודית בגרמניה הנאצית מקורות ומחקר, כרך 8

NIS 52.00