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A Hidden Diary from the Łodz Ghetto, 1942–1944



Heniek Fogel | Editor: Helene Sinnreich

NIS 78.00

In Those Terrible Days: Notes from the Lodz Ghetto

Josef Zelkowicz | Edited by Michal Unger

NIS 78.00

My Involuntary Journeys

Hanna Temkin


In My Involuntary Journeys, Hanna Temkin shares her story for the first time, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of Jewish life and survival in Eastern Europe before, during, and after the Holocaust. Moreover, Hanna’s story is an inspiring tale of female empowerment and serves as a testament to her ability to overcome the worst odds.


NIS 117.00

My Lodz No Longer Exists - The Story of Yosef Neuhaus

Ages 15+ Subtitles in English



NIS 38.00

Stolen Youth: Five Women’s Survival in the Holocaust

Isabelle Choko-Sztrauch-Galewska; Frances Irwin; Lotti Kahana Aufleger; Margit Raab Kalina; Jane Lipski

NIS 78.00