On the Fields of Loneliness

Hersch Altman | Foreword by Shimon Redlich

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The remarkable memoir of a young boy, who survived the murder of his family and the destruction of his town, while evading his pursuers. Altman provides a detailed account of his childhood in his hometown in Brzeżany, in Poland. Following the German occupation in 1941 and the creation of the ghetto, Altman fled the Brzeżany ghetto to go into hiding until the end of the war. He was only fourteen when he was liberated. The memoir is a vivid account of Altman’s life in the ghetto, subsequent raids and deportations, and the time he spent with the partisans.

Products specifications
Year 2006
ISBN 0-9760739-7-8
Catalog No. 442
No. of Pages 184 pp.
Size 15X23 cm.
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Yad Vashem