Post (Holocaust) Cards

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Educational Kit

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"Memory is the only paradise from which man cannot be expelled" Eleizer Geldweger, Mogilev (Transnistria), 1944 In 2008, the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem and the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education established a joint educational project in which advanced students in the Academy’s Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication create a series of postcards focusing on Holocaust remembrance from both personal and universal perspectives. The postcards are then used as tools for discussion in formal and informal educational settings, based on the age of the participants.

This kit consists of 22 postcards, and suggestions of possible activities and topics for discussion. The postcards constitute a visual translation of the culture of Holocaust remembrance as it exists in international contemporary presentation, enabling further ways to cope with learning about the Holocaust and presenting new ideas of understanding its meanings. The participants will process and express personal thoughts and emotions. The participants will widen their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust. The participants will examine and consider concepts of Holocaust remembrance, as well as challenges facing the representation of the Holocaust in the 21st century.

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