The Soldier with the Golden Buttons



Miriam Steiner-Aviezer


“Biba held out her hand with the chocolate, but then the soldier caught sight of the star on her sleeve, turned on his heel, and marched quickly away.” The book presents a child’s eye view of the Holocaust. It is the fictionalized true story of Jewish children wrenched from a carefree childhood to be overwhelmed by the brutal savagery of war. A few days are enough to turn them into adults forced to contend with hunger and thirst, fear and death, and with the horror of being taken away from their mothers. Only their inner world of childlike imagination, of dreams and fairy tales, can help them confront reality while maintaining their innocence.


Products specifications
Year 2005
ISBN 965-308-224-8
Catalog No. 398
No. of Pages 148 pp.
Size 14X21 cm.
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Yad Vashem
Translator Translator: Miriam Arad
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