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Words and Their Meanings in Yad Vashem Studies, Volume V

Shaul Esh


Words and Their Meaning: 25 Examples of Nazi Ideas

The Nazis often camouflaged words and expressions, using new words and applying new meanings to old words. Blutlich: used in determining the percentage of true German blood for national registration purposes. Eindeutschung: Germanization. Emigrantismus: escapism. Entjudung: Judaization. Fluchten: escapes (plural of escape). Judendelikt: offences committed by Jews against anti-Jewish laws. Judengelb: “Jew-yellow” for the color of the armband worn by Jews by order of the Nazis. Selbst-Ansehen: Autopsy. Sterntrager: star-wearers (Jewish). Umvolkung: people, nation, and ethnic policies. Vernichtungsstelle: extermination center. Abwanderung: having been migrated (to death camps). Amweiserin: usher(ette) – Kapos in camps. Ausschalten: to remove, i.e., to eliminate, exterminate. Ausscheidung: elimination, extermination. Hausratserfassungstelle: office for registration of Jewish property in Amsterdam and for deportations from the periphery. Hilfsmittel: auxiliary equipment for murdering Jews, e.g., gas vehicles. Sonder(auftrags)kommission: special commission. Strengstens: harsh punishment, i.e., killing. Wohnsitsverlegung: lit. change of address, i.e., euphemism for deportation. Unstaat: not-a-people. Untermensch: people of inferior race. Endlosung: Final Solution. Reservat: reservation, enclave, i.e., territorial solution. Sonderbehandlung: lit. special treatment, i.e., execution.

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Year 1963
Catalog No. 196307
No. of Pages 35 pp.
Format Electronic article in Yad Vashem Studies, Volume V, pp. 133-167, Edited by Shaul Esh and Aryeh Leon Kubovy
Publisher Yad Vashem