Yad Vashem Studies: Volume 50 [1]

Edited by Sharon Kangisser Cohen


Yad Vashem Studies is an academic journal featuring articles on the cutting edge of research and reflection on the Holocaust. Yad Vashem Studies is a must for any serious library seeking to offer the essential texts on the Nazi era and the Holocaust. “Yad Vashem Studies has been at the forefront of research into the Nazi persecution and mass murder of the Jews, its origins and its consequences… indispensable for researchers and teachers alike. No library that purports to offer students and teachers the essential historical texts on the Nazi era and the fate of the Jews can afford to be without Yad Vashem Studies.” [David Cesarani, The Journal of Holocaust Education]

Beginning with volume 35, Yad Vashem Studies comes out twice annually, in spring and fall, making our contributors’ important research available to our readers more quickly and more readily. We have also redone our layout in order to make it more reader friendly. Our rigorous high standards remain unchanged.

Table of Contents: Introduction; Yitzhak Arad (1926–2021)—In Memoriam: In Memoriam to Tolka (Yehuda Bauer); Yitzhak Arad—His Life (Ella Florsheim); Yitzhak Arad’s Study of the Shoah in Vilna—a Role Model (Christoph Dieckmann); Documenting the Abyss of History: Yitzhak Arad and Aktion Reinhard (Dieter Pohl); Yitzhak Arad: Integrating the Soviet Jewish Experience into the Field of Holocaust Studies (Eliyana R. Adler); Yitzhak Arad—A Bridge Between Generations (Robert Rozett); Writing His Story: Yitzhak Arad’s Research on Morality and Dilemmas of Survival During the Holocaust (Masha Pollak-Rosenberg); Some Thoughts on Working with an Intensely Human Holocaust Scholar (David Silberklang); German Policy and the Fate of the Elderly Population in the German-Occupied Soviet and Polish Territories (Yitzhak Arad); “Cast Us Not Off in Days of Old Age”: Elderly Jews in Nazi Germany (Michael A. Meyer); Caring for the Elderly: The Efforts of the General Chaplaincy of the Jews of France on Behalf of the Elderly Jews Detained in Southern France, 1940–1944 (Emmanuelle Moscovitz); “Honor the Face of the Older Person”: Reception of Elderly Holocaust Survivors in the United States (Beth B. Cohen); Reviews: A Commitment to the Jewish People – Nancy Sinkoff, From Left to Right: Lucy S. Dawidowicz, the New York Intellectuals, and the Politics of Jewish History (Eli Lederhendler); A Close Reading of Camp Diaries – Dominique Schröder, “Niemand ist fähig, das alles in Worten auszudrücken”: Tagebuchschreiben in nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern 1939–1945 (Markus Roth); Postal Testimonies from Concentration Camps: an Often-Neglected Source – Heinz Wewer, Spuren des Terrors: Postalische Zeugnisse zum System der deutschen Konzentrationslager (Johannes-Dieter Steinert); Ghetto Without Walls: The Exclusion of Jews from the Cultural World of Nazi Germany – Jörg Osterloh, “Ausschaltung der Juden und des jüdischen Geistes”: Nationalsozialistische Kulturpolitik 1920–1945 (Moshe Zimmermann);

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Year 2022
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