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Carol Deutsch (1894-1944)


The Story of Carol Deutsch and the Bible

Carol Deutsch’s daughter Ingrid survived the war with her grandmother, Regina Braunstein, hiding with a Catholic family in North-Eastern Belgium. After Liberation, Regina and her granddaughter learned that Fela and Carol Deutsch had been deported in September 1943 from Mechelen to Auschwitz, where Fela was murdered. Carol had been transferred to Sachsenhausen and from there to Buchenwald, where he died in December 1944. When Ingrid and Regina returned home to Antwerp in early 1945, they discovered that the Nazis had confiscated their furniture and valuables. However, miraculously one item was left untouched: a large, meticulously crafted, wooden box adorned with a Star of David and a seven-branched menorah. Inside was a collection of biblical illustrations labored over by the artist Carol Deutsch between 1941 and 1942. Under the stressful conditions of curfew and persecution, the artist had produced an oeuvre that proudly affirmed his Jewish identity-a patrimony he devoted to his young daughter.The biblical illustrations Deutsch bequeathed to his daughter exhibit exceptional vitality and constitute a stalwart expression of defiance to everything for which the Nazis stood.

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This Special Package contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes (13x18cm).

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