Jewish Lives (and Deaths) during the Warsaw Uprising in Yad Vashem Studies, Volume 39:1

Jan T. Gross


Jewish Lives (and Deaths) during the Warsaw Uprising: Barbara Engelking and Dariusz Libionka, Żydzi w powstańczej Warszawie

Żydzi w powstańczej Warszawie by Barbara Engelking and Dariusz Libionka provides a brilliant overview of what it was like to be a Jew during and after the 1944 Warsaw uprising. Engelking and Libionka’s research in widely scattered sources meticulously reconstructs a story by presenting a collective biography of a few hundred Jews who were in Warsaw at the time of the 1944 uprising and afterwards, and whose life stories were documented. This pioneering work offers an unprecedented examination of the clandestine Jewish civilian population during the uprising.

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ISSN 0084-3296
Year 2011
ISBN 978-965-525-060-2
Catalog No. 239110
No. of Pages 3 pp.
Format Electronic article in Yad Vashem Studies, Volume 39:1, pp. 307-309, Edited by David Silberklang
Publisher Yad Vashem
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