Search & Research, Lectures and Papers 19: Representation of the Holocaust in Soviet Literature and Film

Marat Grinberg, Leona Toker, Anja Tippner, Ber Kotlerman, Olga Gershenson


This volume includes the following articles on the representation of the Holocaust in Soviet literature and film: Marat Grinberg, "Rabbis Celebrated and Condemned: Boris Slutsky's Response ti Il'ia Sel'vinskii"; Leona Toker, "On the Eve of the Moratorium: the Representation of the Holocaust in Ilya Ehrenburg's Novel The Storm"; Anja Tippner, "The Writings of a Soviet Anne Frank? Masha Rol'nikaite's Holocaust Memoir I Have to Tell and Its Place in Soviet Literature; Ber Kotlerman, "'My People Will Be Reborn Here': World War II and Jews in the Yiddish Literature of Birobidzhan"; Olga Gershenson, "The Holocaust on Soviet Screens: Charting the Map".

מפרט המוצר
Year 2013
ISBN 978-965-308-456-8
Catalog No. 851
No. of Pages 132 pp.
Size 17X24 cm.
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Yad Vashem