Search & Research, Lectures and Papers 31: Germans, Italians, And Jews – The Police Forces Of Occupied Italy, 1943–1945

Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi

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From the beginning of the German occupation on September 9, 1943, until it ended on May 2, 1945, just over 8,000 out of about 47,000 Jews in Italy (including foreigners) were deported or killed. In Rome, for instance, approximately 750 Jews were arrested in the seven and a half months that followed the initial raid of October 16, 1943; this number shows that the SIPO and SD (Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst) worked quite efficiently in the former capital of the kingdom, despite very limited manpower. This essay sets out to describe the methods used to persecute the Jews, examining how the persecutors achieved such tragically successful results.

מפרט המוצר
Year 2020
ISBN 978-965-308-611-1
Catalog No. 1322
No. of Pages 170 pp.
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Publisher Yad Vashem
Translator Translator: Johanna Bishop