Stolen childhood DVD

Ages 12-14 Language: English




This moving film focuses on childhood under Nazi occupation. Jewish children who lived through the Holocaust lost their childhoods. Deprived of their homes, schools, friends, toys and clothes, they were herded into ghettos with their parents to live a meager existence. The deprivations forced children to assume the roles of adults, smuggling food into the ghetto or laboring in workshops to support their families and neighbors. In the film, three survivors, who were children during the war, recount their experiences in the ghettos.

The unit contains: A 30-minute film; DVD and VHS versions are available

מפרט המוצר
גולשים שקנו מוצר זה קנו גם

Nazi domination in Europe Map

A 70 x 100 cm color map




Main camps and killing sites Map

A 70 x 100 cm color map, A smaller map of Auschwitz-Birkenau and its sub-camps is also provided




Map of the Ghettos

A 70 x 100 cm color map




Desecraters of Memory

Ages 15+ Language: English