Ages 5-6 Language: English


Educational Kit

NIS 170.00

Tommy, a three-year old child who was detained together with his parents in Theresienstadt, received an illustrated album for his third birthday. His father, the Czech artist Bedrich Fritta, gave this album to his son as a very personal and loving legacy. This album serves as the basis of an interdisciplinary teaching unit providing a glimpse into the everyday life in Theresienstadt.

The unit contains: The album as a soft cover book A set of postcards with 52 pictures

מפרט המוצר
גולשים שקנו מוצר זה קנו גם

I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly

Ages 7-11

Language: English



NIS 60.00

Die Tochter, die wir uns immer gewünscht haben

Geeignet für 13 bis 16-Jährige

Sprache: deutsch



NIS 74.00

Three Dolls

Ages 7-11 Language: English


Educational Kit

NIS 48.00

Through Our Eyes - Children Witness the Holocaust

Ages 12-14 Language: English



NIS 78.00

Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Ages 12-14 Language: English


Educational Kit

NIS 100.00