Yad Vashem Studies: Volume 41 [1]

Edited by David Silberklang


Yad Vashem Studies is an academic journal featuring articles on the cutting edge of research and reflection on the Holocaust. Yad Vashem Studies is a must for any serious library seeking to offer the essential texts on the Nazi era and the Holocaust. “Yad Vashem Studies has been at the forefront of research into the Nazi persecution and mass murder of the Jews, its origins and its consequences… indispensable for researchers and teachers alike. No library that purports to offer students and teachers the essential historical texts on the Nazi era and the fate of the Jews can afford to be without Yad Vashem Studies.” [David Cesarani, The Journal of Holocaust Education] Beginning with volume 35, Yad Vashem Studies comes out twice annually, in spring and fall, making our contributors’ important research available to our readers more quickly and more readily. We have also redone our layout in order to make it more reader friendly. Our rigorous high standards remain unchanged.

Table of Contents: Introduction Livia Rothkirchen — In Memoriam (Gila Fatran) Communitas of Violence: The Kielce Pogrom as a Social Drama (Joanna Tokarska-Bakir) "We Emptied our Magazines into Them": The Ukrainian Auxiliary Police and the Holocaust in Generalbezirk Charkow, 1941–1943 (Yuri Radchenko) "I Would Have Liked to Travel Once on Such a Transport": German Policemen as Guards on Deportation Trains from Italy to Auschwitz (Stefan Klemp) The German-Allied States and the Holocaust: A Comparative Overview (Randolph L. Braham) British Intelligence and Information about Murder by Gas: A Reappraisal (Joel Zisenwine) Reviews: The Decent Mass Murderer: Peter Longerich, Heinrich Himmler: A Life (Omer Bartov) "It Was a Sunny and Pleasant Day" – Murder and Betrayal in the Polish Countryside: Jan Grabowski, Judenjagd: Polowanie na Żydów 1942–1945. Studium Dziejów Pewnego Powiatu; Barbara Engelking, Jest Taki Piękny Słoneczny Dzień: Losy Żydów Szukujących Ratunku na Wsi Polskiej 1942–1945; Barbara Engelking and Jan Grabowski, eds., Zarys Krajobrazu: Wieś Polska wobec Zagłady Żydów 1942–1945 (Samuel D. Kassow) Vichy and the Deportation of the Jews: A Historiographic Essay in Relation to Alain Michel’s Book: Alain Michel, Vichy et la Shoah: Enquête sur le paradoxe français (Laurent Joly) Antisemitism and "Indifference" in Vichy France: Julie Fette, Exclusions: Practicing Prejudice in Vichy France; Shannon L. Fogg, The Politics of Everyday Life in Vichy France: Foreigners, Undesirables, and Strangers (Sanford Gutman) Out of the Shadows – The Haredi Religious Realities of Holocaust History: Esther Farbstein, The Forgotten Memoirs: Moving Personal Accounts from Rabbis Who Survived the Holocaust (Gershon Greenberg)


מפרט המוצר
ISSN 0084-3296
Year 2013
ISBN 978-965-308-442-1
Catalog No. 838
No. of Pages 280 pp.
Size 17X24 cm.
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Yad Vashem