Holocaust and Antisemitism: Research and Public Discourse - Essays Presented in Honor of Dina Porat

Editors: Roni Stauber, Aviva Halamish, Esther Webman

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A collection of essays honoring Prof. Dina Porat for her seminal contribution to Holocaust research in the fields: the Yishuv’s response to the Holocaust; the Holocaust in Lithuania – the Jewish resistance, the underground’s setup in the ghettos and in the forests, and the post Holocaust activities of its members; analysis of contemporary manifestations of antisemitism.


מפרט המוצר
Year 2015
ISBN 978-965-308-497-1
Catalog No. 893
No. of Pages 482 pp.
Size 15X23 cm.
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Yad Vashem In association with Tel Aviv University