Return to Life

Ages 15+ Language: English


Educational Kit

NIS 130.00

This curriculum focuses on how the remnants of the Holocaust emerged from the abyss of the ghettos and the death camps to rebuild their lives anew. Liberation did not end the agony of the Jews. When the survivors returned to their native lands, they found their families destroyed and their homes inhabited by other people. Some, as in Kielce, Poland, were brutally murdered. The refugees languished in Displaced Persons’ camps dotted across Europe until they were able to immigrate – legally or illegally – to the Land of Israel and other countries and return to life.

The unit contains: 20 black-and-white posters (35 x 50 cm) 60-minute documentary film in VHS or DVD A teacher’s manual with testimonies, articles, maps and suggestions for class activities

מפרט המוצר