The Heavens Will Open for You - The Story of Malka Rosenthal

Ages 15+ Subtitles in English



NIS 38.00

This film chronicles the Jewish community in Stanislawow, Eastern Galicia, through the story of Malka Rosenthal. Malka was born in Stanislawow in 1934, the eldest daughter of a wealthy, intellectual family. Over the course of the German occupation, she lost her mother and younger brother. Her father joined the partisans, and Malka was handed over to a Polish family. For one and a half years, she was kept hidden in a barrel underground. After liberation, she was one of the survivors aboard the illegal immigrant ship “Exodus”, and eventually arrived in Israel in 1948. Malka rebuilt her life through her work and education, and by starting a new family. Her touching life story has been published and translated to many languages, portrayed on stage and in children’s books.

This film is part of the “Witnesses and Education” project, a joint production of the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem and the Center for Multimedia Assisted Instruction of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this project, survivors recount their life stories – before, during and after the Holocaust. Each title is filmed on location where the events originally transpired. With the generous support of the Adelson Family Foundation. Israel 2009, 54 minutes, DVD (unrestricted region)

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