These Are My Last Words

Ages 15+ Language: English


Educational Kit


The last messages from the Holocaust are the subjective testimony of the victims about the situations in which they found themselves, as they themselves perceived them. A letter, diary or artwork is by its very nature a personal account, and presents the unique voice of the individual. Therefore, these last testimonies sound with an outcry, with anger, with pleading, with love, with calls for revenge and many other emotional experiences, as their writers faced their almost certain death. They wrote out of personal pain, concern and grief. The aim of the workshop "These Are My Last Words" is to discuss the meaning of these final messages, for the victims as well as for us today. In the workshop, the participants will be exposed to last letters, messages and artworks from the Holocaust, confronting the voices of the victims. The letters and artworks express the diverse expressions of Jewish victims from across occupied Europe.

MATERIALS - 36 cards - Moderator’s manual

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