Hannaleh's Rescue

Ages 5-6 Language: English


Educational Kit


A visual program on the Holocaust for young children. Structured in the form of a story session, the unit focuses on how a Jewish family devised a plan to smuggle their young daughter out of the ghetto. Hannaleh’s Rescue enables young children to learn about life in the ghetto and about the dangers faced by Jewish families and their children under Nazi rule in an age-appropriate manner.

The unit contains: A 30-minute film; DVD and 8 laminated pictures of drawings by Jews who lived through the Holocaust A teacher’s guide with suggestions for class activities

מפרט המוצר
גולשים שקנו מוצר זה קנו גם

The Daughter We Had Always Wanted - The Story of Marta

Ages 7-11 Language: English




The Holocaust: Frequently Asked Questions


Edited by Avraham Milgram and Robert Rozett

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Nazi domination in Europe Map

A 70 x 100 cm color map




The Auschwitz Album, Teacher’s Guide

Ages 15+ Language: English


Educational Kit