The Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project

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In the Struggle

Memoirs from Grodno and the Forests

Leib Reizer | Foreword by Martin Gilbert

$24.00 $18.00

Locked in the Darkness

Retrieving a Hidden Girl's Identity from the Holocaust

Sabina Heller

$24.00 $18.00

Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person

The Diary of Moty Stromer

Moty Stromer | Foreword by David Silberklang

$24.00 $18.00

On the Fields of Loneliness

Hersch Altman | Foreword by Shimon Redlich

$24.00 $18.00


My Stories of Survival and Beyond

Marcel Tuchman | Foreword by Deborah E. Lipstadt

$24.00 $18.00

Seasons in the Dark

The Road from Przemysl to Nazi Hell

Leon Frim

$24.00 $18.00