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The Jewish Underground Press in Warsaw

Volume One: May 1940–January 1941


Editors: Joseph Kermish, Tikva Fatal-Knaani

NIS 178.00

The Jewish Voice in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps

Verbal Expression under Nazi Oppression

Yisrael Kaplan | Editor: Zeev W. Mankowitz

NIS 88.00

The Wolfsberg Machzor 5705

Wolfsberg Labor Camp, Germany, 1944

Editors: Bella Gutterman and Naomi Morgenstern

NIS 118.00 NIS 88.50

To be a Jew in Berlin

The Letters of Hermann Samter, 1939-1943

Edited by Daniel Fraenkel

NIS 88.00 NIS 66.00

To Pour out my Bitter Soul

Letters of Jews from the USSR 1941-1945

Edited by Arkadi Zeltser

NIS 148.00 NIS 111.00

While There's Life…

Poems from the Mittelsteine Labor Camp 1944-1945

Ruth Minsky Sender

NIS 88.00