מיין לפי

A Hidden Diary from the Łodz Ghetto, 1942–1944



Heniek Fogel | Editor: Helene Sinnreich

NIS 74.00 NIS 55.50

From Fiume to Navelli

A Sixteen-Year-Old’s Narrative of the Fleischmann Family and Other Free Internees in Fascist Italy, September 1943 – June 1944

Luigi Fleischmann | Editor: Daniella Zaidman-Mauer

NIS 74.00 NIS 55.50

I Am Writing These Words to You

The Original Diaries, Będzin 1943

Chajka Klinger | Editor: Avihu Ronen

NIS 74.00 NIS 55.50

In Those Terrible Days

Notes from the Lodz Ghetto

Josef Zelkowicz | Edited by Michal Unger

NIS 74.00 NIS 55.50

Letters Never Sent

Amsterdam, Westerbork, Bergen-Belsen

Mirjam Bolle

NIS 74.00 NIS 55.50

Wilhelm Filderman

Memoirs and Diaries, volume 1 – 1940-1952

Edited by Jean Ancel

NIS 148.00 NIS 111.00