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Moral Dilemmas among Jews in the Reality of the Holocaust

By Yitzhak Arad


It Happened on Our Planet offers a brutally honest insight into the horrifying decisions that the Jews had to make and the unbearable situations in which the Jews found themselves during this time. The publication of this important work will present generations to come with a better understanding of the complex reality of the Holocaust.


NIS 182.00

Jewish Presence in Absence: The Aftermath of the Holocaust in Poland, 1944–2010

Editors: Feliks Tych and Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska

NIS 234.00

Jewish Solidarity: The Ideal and the Reality in the Turmoil of the Shoah

Edited by Dan Michman and Robert Rozett


The Holocaust unquestionably shattered most normative frameworks and cast the struggle for survival in its starkest form. Yet despite this, the Holocaust did not necessarily lead Jews to act as lone wolves, caring only about their own survival. This volume demonstrates that Jewish solidarity during the Holocaust is a multifaceted, multilayered issue, replete with complexities and shadings that reflect the diversity of Jewishness and Jewish existence, as well as the unprecedented dire situations that challenged it, and while solidarity was not a given and may not have predominated, it did not cease to exist.

NIS 182.00

Nazi Europe and the Final Solution



Edited by David Bankier and Israel Gutman

NIS 169.00

Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in German-Occupied Poland

Edited by Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking

NIS 169.00

On Duty - The Polish Blue & Criminal Police in the Holocaust

On Duty - The Role of the Polish Blue and Criminal Police in the Holocaust

By Jan Grabowski

The Polish Police, commonly called the Blue or uniformed police in order to avoid using the term “Polish,” has played a most lamentable role in the extermination of the Jews of Poland. The uniformed police has been an enthusiastic executor of all German directives regarding the Jews.

Emanuel Ringelblum, Warsaw, 1943

Shortly after the occupation of Poland in the fall of 1939, the Germans created the Blue Police, consisting mainly of prewar Polish police officers. Within a short time, this police force was responsible for enforcing many anti-Jewish regulations issued by the Nazis. Who were these policemen, and how did they transform from ordinary policemen to murderous executioners? And what was the role of the Germans in this horrifying picture?

NIS 182.00

Pius XII and the Holocaust: Current State of Research

Editors: David Bankier, Dan Michman, Iael Nidam-Orvieto

NIS 169.00

Portugal, Salazar, and the Jews

Avraham Milgram

NIS 169.00