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Czech Mate

A Life in Progress

By Thomas Otto Hecht as told to Joe King

$24.00 $18.00

Escape to Life

A Journey Through the Holocaust: The Memories of Maria and William Herskovic

Patricia Herskovic

$24.00 $18.00

From Death to Battle

Auschwitz Survivor and Palmach Fighter

Beni Virtzberg

$24.00 $18.00

Home is No More

The Destruction of Kosow and Zabie

Danek Gertner and Jehoschua Gertner

$24.00 $18.00

Mama, It Will Be Alright

Sol Silberzweig

$24.00 $18.00

Menachem & Fred

Thoughts and Memories of Two Brothers

Frederick Raymes and Menachem Mayer

$24.00 $18.00